Ladder System | 天梯系统, 2018
23 4月 2019
三频录像 | 3 Channel Video,4K,11’49’’,2018

The Ladder System is a ranking competition system for various e-sports games based on the points scored by the player in the game to get rankings. This system divides the players by different rankings into different segment positions, and finally divides the players into different levels. The scores of players change in real time according to their performances. By mobilizing the complexity of human nature, this ranking algorithm achieves such great success. In this episode, Payne treats the Ladder System as a 24-hour real-time updating talent management system of monitoring-ranking-selection-reward-punishment. It is an unstoppable “stock market”. The “Ladder System” shifts the audience from the player’s view to the view of the game developer. Payne transforms the data into images, strengthens the nature of control of the entire ladder system. The players are bound by the game to the continuously production of data.