LIKE | 赖克, 2017
30 4月 2019

The graphical element “LIKE” was invented as a counterfeit for “NIKE”, and destined to unclear commercial trades. It was largely been printed in China on products that were exported to countries in Africa. Payne Zhu used this logo, almost identical to NIKE, created a new brand, named it “LIKE”, and developed a series of advertisements and line of products.


赖克足球 | LIKE Football
装置 | Installation
Football Clothing, Football Shoes, Fiberglass Models, Light Box, Plinth
尺寸可变 | Dimension Variable 

Traders from Africa were invited to endorse the products of the brand “LIKE”, as globalized models from the Third World. They wear customized football clothing and shoes from the brand “LIKE”, and display themselves as products. The identity of the “spokesperson” becomes another form of merchandise, reaching its value through marketing, displaying and commercial processes.


代言人之争 | Competition of Spokespeople
录像 | Video  4K, 4’40’’, 2017
赖克马拉松 | LIKE Marathon
双频录像装置 | 2 Channel Video Installation 
定制跑鞋 | Customized Running Shoes
4K, 2’12’’, 2’03’’, 2017

NIKE launched the Breaking 2 project in May 2017. In this project 3 marathon players tried to break the record of 2 hours by wearing the new Nike running shoes, developed by a strong research team. To memorise this great moment, LIKE made an advertising film of Breaking 2 project, which disclose how Nike  took advantages of the poor resources of Africa in order to sell their products. Before the official launch of the new NIKE shoes, LIKE issued its cheap copy running shoes “RUN AS YOU LIKE” .

2017年5月,耐克发布Breaking-2计划,由三名非洲马拉松运动员穿着耐克最新跑鞋,在一个强大的科研团队支持下,试图跑进2小时马拉松极限.赖克为纪念这一伟大时刻,为耐克制作了一部完整的Breaking-2广告,揭露耐克如何利用非洲的贫困资源去推广自己的品牌.并在耐克新款跑鞋发售之前,提前发布它的山寨版本“RUN AS YOU LIKE”跑鞋.