MATCHPOOL | 匹配池 2021
18 5月 2022
4-channel HD video,B/W, sound , 16’50’’, 2021

Through based on the simulation of the dancing parties on the dance floor as matching supply and demand, MATCHPOOL unpacks the relationship between cooperation and competition by which to explore deeper issue of matching. On a pitch dark dance floor, be it the bodies, faces or the dance floor have all become gray and white fluids in this clip, where moving images, like the currency described in the song, are intermediaries that can be used for exchange and constantly generate a vivid and exciting power.

四通道黑白有声高清影像, 16’50’’, 2021

根据舞池中跳舞双方作为一种匹配中供需双方的模拟,《匹配池》以此去剖析合作与竞争的关系,从而探寻更深层匹配的问题.在全黑的舞池中,无论身体、面孔还是舞池,在这段影像中都变成了灰白的流体,图像在此如同歌中描述的货币一样,都是可以用来交换的中介,并不 断产生鲜活的兴奋力量.